Important Note: Make sure you are on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (Internet Explorer will not work) ALWAYS use Google Chrome or Mozilla with the Extraction Tool and the Refundo Dashboard.

  1. Once you login to the Refundo Dashboard, click the Support tab on the bottom left hand corner.

2. Download the Extraction Tool on the Support Page

3. Once the Extraction Tool is downloaded, minimize the Refundo Dashboard, and on the desktop "right click" on the Refundo icon, and click "Run as Administrator" (*Please do not forget to repeat this step every time you restart your computer)

4. By doing step 3, the green "r" icon will appear on the bottom right hand side of the toolbar on the desktop. If you are unable to see the icon, expand the icons for it to appear. This indicates that the extraction tool is on.

**Tip: Anytime you do not see the green "r" you must repeat the two steps above.

5. Right click on the green "r" and check for updates, and make sure the correct Efin is selected. 

6. Open ProSeries 2019 (Tax Software). Make sure you only have the current year of ProSeries (2019) open anytime while using the Extraction Tool. 

7. Open the client's return that you are wanting create a new bank application for.

8. You will need to copy the social security number or ITN number.

9. Now, open the Refundo Dashboard, click on the apps tab in the top left hand side, then click new bank app, and paste the clients social security, last name and click confirm.

*This will appear as soon as you click "new bank app" on the top right hand corner

**At this point Extraction is complete. Always go through the bank application to confirm that all the information is correct. 

10. Next, you will choose disbursement option, and if it's a direct deposit, make sure to enter the routing and account number of that client.

11. Now, enter ID information, and select the box that verifies that the tax-payer provided ID.
("ID Tpe" Example: TX DL)

12. Select the box that verifies that the taxpayer provided proper identification.

13. Once this is all complete, click "save"

14. A new tab will open with the fee disclosure forms to sign. After you print this, close it out and you will be back on the app screen, and you will see that the application is submitted.

15. Lastly, next to bank information (on the top of the dashboard for that specific client), copy the routing number, then jump back into ProSeries, and paste the routing number into ProSeries on the Information worksheet.

**Repeat this step for the account number. You will need to click on direct deposit above section 8

Congratulations! You have successfully created a bank application on the Refundo Dashboard.

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