Updated 12/31/2020 9:30 am

These frequently asked questions apply to both stimulus payments (April and December)

Q. How do I know if Refundo received my EIP?
A. Check the status here: https://dashboard.refundo.com/2020/ext/#/verify/stimulus

Q. How will I receive my EIP?
A. We disbursed your EIP the same way you received your tax refund. If you chose Direct Deposit, it should have appeared in your account within 1-2 business days. If you chose Check, then you should receive it within the next 3-5 business days via a check in the mail.

Q. What if my address changed?
 A. Contact us at eip@refundo.com with the subject line “Update My Information”. In the email tell us what has changed, along with proof of address (photo identification front/back, utility bills, voided bank check, or bank statement).

Q. What if my bank account is no longer active?
A. Contact your bank to see if the deposit was rejected. Once the rejected deposit is received, a check will be issued and be sent to you via mail or printed at participating tax offices.

Q. Will I be charged a fee?
A. We did process EIP payments for our standard $35 fee. 

Q. Why did you charge a fee?
A. We were not expecting to receive any of these payments, had absolutely no time to prepare for it, and would face a significant loss to our business and employees with having to assume the fees associated with the extra processing and labor.

Q. What if I don't agree to be charged a fee and don't want to pay it?
A. Please call your bank, reject the deposit, and the money will be sent back to the IRS. If you received a check from us, these checks can be voided, and funds will also be sent back to the IRS. The IRS will then mail out a check and thus incurring no fees. Please write VOID across the check and send it back to the address below or via email to eip@refundo.com.

PO BOX 837

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