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TaxSlayer enrollment guide
TaxSlayer enrollment guide

Refundo's TaxSlayer enrollment guide shows the process by which you choose Refundo as your bank product provider for tax season.

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1. Contact TaxSlayer

To enroll in TaxSlayer go to
Please speak with your representative for your login ID and password.

From here find the My Account Login button along the right hand side:

Login with your Username and Password. This will take you to this Screen:

Choose the third tab - Bank Product Info. Here the TaxSlayer user will answer two questions:

Choose Refundo as the bank products provider for this tax season and choose the prior provider, the bank product provider used last tax season.

Once you press save the following form appears:

Complete the form and save. Your information will be sent to Refundo for review and approval.

2. Login to our Dashboard

Once approved, we will send you an approval email that will instruct you to login to the Dashboard and complete the final steps.

3. Review

Upon registration, you will be asked to review our user guide and complete compliance requirements.

4. You're all set!

You are good to go! Please confirm that the information we have in our system is correct and check out all the additional products and services Refundo offers.

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