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Taxpayer Support

These articles answer common questions for taxpayers (i.e. where's my refund?, refund delayed, lost check, etc.)

ERO Support

Our support articles answer common questions for tax professionals. From refund transfers to ordering supplies, we want to make sure you have all the information you need.

Disbursement Options

Refundo offers taxpayers check or direct deposit as ways to receive their refund, and the process by which each option works.

Problem Resolution

Refundo provides a list of common issues, why it may have happened, and how to resolve them in a clear and organized way.

Contact Information

Getting in contact with us is easy and fast. Our customer service team works tirelessly to ensure we answer your questions fully and promptly.

FAQ's Refund Transfer

Here are some of the top Refund Transfer questions. If you have any other questions related to refund transfers, contact our support team!

FAQ's NOW Advance

Here are the most important topics related to the NOW Advance. If you have any further inquiries, contact our support team!

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Get more insight in how Connect works, and how to best utilize it with your clients

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