Reprint a check

Refundo provides the steps on how to quickly and easily reprint a check on the Dashboard. If you do have questions, contact customer support

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If you need to reprint the customer's check, go to the 'Checks' tab on the left menu

Select the 'Printed' tab as shown below.

Locate the customer check that you would like to reprint, select the box next to the customers name. If the box is gray you will not be able to reprint the check. Follow the Unable to Reprint instructions.

Once the check has been selected click on the green 'Re-Print' box in the top right of the Dashboard.

You will see a message like the one below, if you wish to proceed with the reprint then select the 'Re-Print' button.

Some checks cannot be reprinted and you will see a message similar to the one below.

Checks cannot be reprinted if:

  • The check has been verified

  • The check has cleared

  • It has been more than 24 hours since the check was printed

If the reprint was successful then to the 'Ready to Print' tab and locate the check you would like to reprint.

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