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Where Can Taxpayers Cash Their NOW Check
Where Can Taxpayers Cash Their NOW Check

Taxpayers can cash their NOW advance check at any check casher, the taxpayers bank account, or cashed for a low fee at Walmart.

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Taxpayers can cash their NOW check at most storefront check cashers. We also work with Walmart and KMart. You will need to check with your local store location to determine their max amount as it may vary. If the taxpayer has a bank account, they can deposit the check into their bank account in person or via their banks mobile app.. Additionally, the taxpayer can also go to a bank location that matches the check stock bank name you are using (Cap One, Truist, PNC, City National).

It is important to allow 2-3 hours after printing the check to give the check to your client. It takes 2-3 hours for the funds to hit the positive pay report, which is used by banks to verify funds.

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