How to Send a Test Email and SMS
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You may want to send a test email to yourself, or perhaps you want to run yourself through a campaign as a test/trial run. Both are easy to do, and yet slightly different. The best practice is to run yourself through the campaign as the most thorough and accurate way to experience what your lead will see through those campaign steps. If you just send a test email or SMS through the builder some of the custom values may not populate and as such, it will appear that your email/SMS isn't working how you want it to. Giving yourself a test run through the campaign is a great way to do a quality audit.

Part 1. Running yourself through a campaign. This is the preferred method.

Step 1: Go to the Contacts section and Add yourself as a contact (use a different email address than the one for your user.)

Step 2: Click the add campaign button, choose the campaign that you want to test, leave the “event date” blank then hit add button.

Note: If you don’t get the communication, check the following items in the following order:

  1. Is your campaign set to “Published”? If not, Publish it and re-run the campaign (ensure that ‘Allow Multiple’ is enabled).

  2. If you go to your Test Contact, does it show that the communication went out? If yes, look at #3 and #4. If no, look at #1.

  3. If you aren’t getting SMS’s, check that you have set up your phone number.

  4. If you aren’t getting emails, check that you have set up your SMTP provider

Part 2. Sending a test email within the email builder.

Step 1: Go to your Message Templates and select the email template you wish to test, by clicking the email icon on the right side of the screen.

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom and input the test email 'From Address' and 'To Address' information.

Step 3: Click Send.

Please note that custom values may not properly fill in the test email (for example: {} may show as blank.)

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