How to Look Up Form Attribution
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You may want to analyze the data on form submissions. Here we'll show you how to access your form submission information.

Step 1: Navigate to Forms and you'll see 3 menu tabs on the top left: Builder, Analyze, and Submission.

  • Builder: We have a separate, thorough article on how to use the form builder.

  • Analyze: Here you can see Total Submissions, and the selected date rage is shown in the dropdown in the top right. Scroll down to Forms. You will see a list of your forms and the number of submissions for each. You can click the "View Submissions" hyperlink to view the submissions for each form.

  • Submissions: You can select a form, and search through submissions by name, phone number, and more. Here you can view submissions and review the URL, source, campaigns, keywords, etc. associated with a particular submission.

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