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Using the Bulk Actions Features
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Using the Bulk Actions features in your Contacts/Smart Lists section, you can perform multiple one-off actions to selected or all contacts. From sending an email or SMS to updating the pipeline stage and more, follow the steps below to learn how to use this updated feature.

Part 1: What Actions Are Available

  • Pipeline Change: Add/Update the Opportunity for multiple Contacts. Choose a pipeline, stage, opportunity, lead value, and more.

  • Add to Campaign: Choose a campaign to bulk-add contacts into:

  • Send SMS: Type out a one-time SMS or select from your templates.

  • Send Email: Type out a one-time SMS or select from your templates.

  • Add/Remove Tag: Apply or remove one or multiple tags from the selected contacts.

  • Delete Contacts: Delete the selected contacts from your system. Please note: deleting any contact will also remove them from Conversation, Notes, Opportunities, Tasks, Appointments, Manual Actions and Campaigns.

  • Export Contacts: Export a list of selected contact records from the system into a .csv file that will save to your computer.

  • Import Contacts: Please refer to our article on How to Import Contacts for a full tutorial.

Part 2: How To Use The Actions

Step 1: Navigate to Contacts > Contacts/Smart Lists.

Step 2: Select the contact records you want to use a bulk action for. You can individually click through and select specific contacts, or you can check the box at the top to select all.

Step 3: Choose the action you want to apply.

Step 4: Follow the steps for the specific action in the pop-up window.

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