How To Test A Campaign
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Testing a campaign is a simple way on how to check what your campaign looks like to a lead. It’s a great way to do a quality check on what you’re about to send out.

Part 1: Go to the Contacts section and Add yourself as a contact but use a different email address than the one for your CRM user

Step 1: Click the add campaign button, choose the campaign that you want to test, leave the “event date” blank then hit the add button.

Note: If you don’t get the communication, check the following items in the following order:

  1. Is your campaign set to “Published”? If not, Publish it and re-run the campaign (ensure that ‘Allow Multiple’ is enabled).

  2. If you go to your Test Contact, does it show that the communication went out? If yes, look at #3 and #4. If no, look at #1.

  3. If you aren’t getting SMS’s, check that you have set up your phone number.

  4. If you aren’t getting emails, check that you have set up your SMTP provider

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