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What Is The Manual Call Event And How To Use It
What Is The Manual Call Event And How To Use It
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The Manual Call Event essentially allows your call to be on queue, so that when the assigned user logs in, they can see their call list as well as utilizing the call function to call through the list.

Part 1: How to create a new event

Step 1: Go to Campaign Configuration, click Add Event followed by Manual Call

Part 2: How to test the Manual Call

Step 1: For testing purposes, create a specific campaign with just a Manual Call event. Activate the campaign by changing it from Draft to Published.

Step 2: Create a fictitious contact and utilize your office or cell phone number.

Step 3: Add the fictitious contact to the campaign

Step 4: To call yourself and test the event, navigate to the Manual Actions section. Click let’s start, then the system will make a call to your phone. (Note: Since the call will be coming from the browser you need to click “allow microphone”). After each call, you can select the outcome of the call “answered”, ”didn’t answer”, “left a VM” , and more.

Note: If you have a large list and want to pause, you can click on the “Let’s Start” button and it will pause the sequence (there’s a 5sec rundown before the next call comes in)

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