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How To Use The Manual SMS Event
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The Manual SMS Event within a campaign creates a manual task for the user to send a custom SMS to the associated lead. This allows the user to respond to the lead at the time that best works for them.

Part 1: Go to an existing campaign or create a new one

Step 1: Click Create an event and hit manual SMS and save then published. You might want to change the name of the campaign if you want to.

Part 2: To ensure that the proper user receives the Manual SMS task, you can assign a user through a trigger or at the campaign level. To assign through a trigger, see our articles on triggers. To assign through a campaign, see the steps below.

Step 2: Go to campaign configuration, click assign user then hit save.

Part 3: To test the campaign and Manual SMS event, use your fictitious test contact (usually your own information).

Step 1: Add your fictitious contact to the campaign

Step 2: To check your ‘Manual SMS’, go to Manual Actions and ensure you see the Manual SMS task that the campaign created.

Step 3: Then hit 'Let's Start', type your message, and hit send.

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