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How To Customize The From Email Address Configuration
How To Customize The From Email Address Configuration
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There are several ways that you can mask your email in the system. Masking your email will allow emails sent from the system to come from any email address that you choose.

Part 1: Masking Your Email In Campaign Configuration

Step 1: Click on an existing campaign or create a new campaign.

Step 2: Drop down Campaign Configuration and add your desired email to the ‘From Address’ box and desired Name to the ‘From Name’ box.

Part 2: Masking Your Email Through Assigning A User

Step 1: Delete any ‘From Email’ and ‘From Name’ information that you entered in the previous step.

Step 2: In Campaign Configuration, add a user and click save.

NOTE #1: Masking your email address in this way will override any other settings and will ensure communication shows from the user the lead is assigned to. You can assign multiple users here which will round robin the leads to each user assigned.

NOTE #2: If you run a test and you receive the email with something that looks like the screenshot above, the VIA is related to your email set up. To understand more about that, check out our email-related articles.

NOTE #3: If you have trouble with email deliverability, check out our Help Library article on domain settings - some domains will block or flag emails as spam if the email addresses are from different domains, for example if your domain is set up with a Gmail email but you update a campaign to have a Yahoo or Outlook email.

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