You may want to add a contact to multiple opportunities. Follow these steps to learn how to allow duplicate opportunities.Then there are two ways to add them: you can add an opportunity in the individual contact's profile, or use the Opportunity Trigger Action.

Part 1: Allow Duplicate Opportunities.

Step 1: Under Settings > Company, navigate to "General"

Step 2: Check the box for "Allow Duplicate Opportunity."

Part 2: Add Opportunities in the Contact profile.

Step 1: Click into the contact profile.

Step 2: Scroll down to the left side where you see "Opportunities". Here, you can place them in however many you'd like. If you click into the contact profile, scroll all the way down on the left side where you see Opportunities. Here, you are able to place them in to however many you'd like.

Part 3: Use the Opportunity Trigger Action

Step 1: Click into the trigger.

Step 2: There's a toggle on the opportunity trigger action which allows the lead to be in multiple opportunities.

Step 3: Save.

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