How to Create a Double Opt-In System
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Double Opt-In Systems serve multiple purposes. First and foremost, it is used in the EU and required by GDPR. This means that once a lead opts-in, they must confirm the opt-in to continue receiving information. The Double Opt-In System can also be used to request a verification of information such as an email address.

To create a double opt-in, here's what you can do:

Step 1: Using a trigger (such as Form Submitted) have the original opt-in send them to a campaign requesting that they confirm the opt-in.

Step 2: Within that communication, include a trigger link for them to confirm. If Trigger Links are new to you, check out our other documentation on Trigger Links.

Step 3: Set up a trigger so that when the Confirm Opt In Trigger Link is clicked (Trigger Action is called 'Trigger Link Clicked', the rest of the interaction takes place (Nurture campaigns, tags, pipeline updates, etc.). If you are not yet familiar with Triggers, check out our other documentation on Triggers.

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