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How To Check What Triggered Someone Into a Campaign
How To Check What Triggered Someone Into a Campaign
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There are several ways to add someone to a campaign – through a bulk request, a manual add, a trigger, and more. You may want to check how someone was triggered into a campaign for several reasons. To do so, follow these simple steps to view the internal source – how the particular contact was added to the campaign.

Step 1: Click into the Campaigns page.

Step 2: Click the number under the "Total" column for the campaign you wish to view.

Step 3: Under "Internal Source" click the hyperlink for the contact you wish to view. It may say one of several things. Most common are "Trigger" if the contact was triggered into the campaign, or "*InsertName* in the contact detail page" if you manually added them in the contract record.

Step 4: If you clicked "Trigger", you'll be redirected to the specific trigger that put the contact in the campaign. If you clicked "*InsertName* in the contact detail page" you'll be taken to their contact record.

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