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How To Set Up Automated Calls And Voicemail Drops Within Your Campaigns And How They Work
How To Set Up Automated Calls And Voicemail Drops Within Your Campaigns And How They Work
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You can use the Call Event in a campaign to automatically have the "App" call the customer when that step is reached in the campaign. If the lead answers, it will connect to the assigned user’s phone. It is a very useful tool because you get your lead and your customer on the phone together just after they have opted-in and are still a hot lead.

Part 1: Create a New Campaign or Open an Existing Campaign

Step 1: To create a New Campaign, go to My Campaigns → Create Campaign → Add Call Event

Step 2: If you haven’t set up a forwarding number or a company number, check out our article on inbound calls before continuing.

Note: When a call event in a campaign successfully connects with the lead/customer, it will connect to the forwarding number (or if no forwarding number, the number that is set in Company Settings). As such, it is necessary to ensure that the phone number being utilized is connecting to the right person in your company (salesperson, front desk, etc.).

Part 2: Assigning or adding a user to a Campaign

Step 1: By assigning a user (or users) to the campaign, you ensure that when a lead is entered into a campaign the call event comes from the assigned user.

Note: If the User has a specific phone number assigned in their User Settings, this number will override the set forwarding number or the Company number indicated in the Company Settings.

Part 3: Combining your Call Event with A Voicemail Event

Step 1: Add a Voicemail Event after the Call Event. If you use a Voicemail Event after a call, the lead/customer will receive the pre-recorded voicemail in the event that they do not answer.

Step 2: After the event is created, upload an MP3 or .wav File to the Voicemail Event.

Step 3: Ensure that the wait time for the VM Event is set to 0 minutes (or hours or days) wait time to ensure the voicemail goes through after the call.

Part 4: Call Time Out

Step 1: The Call timeout option will limit the number of seconds that will be ringing the lead. By default, if you leave that blank it will automatically ring the lead for 30 secs.

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