Complete Twilio Setup
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A Twilio number is a digital phone number that can give you full access to your regular call and message routine. There are a few steps to completing the Twilio setup process.

Part 1: Create a Twilio Account

Step 1: Locate your Twilio credentials:

IN TWILIO: You can find the Auth Token in the Project Info pane of the Console Dashboard page. Your project's Auth Token is hidden by default, but you can just click "view" to display it. You can submit a ticket to send both the SID and AUTH token to us and we will make sure those are configured for you.

Part 2: Getting Your Phone Number

Step 1: Settings → Phone Numbers → Add Number → Search 3 Digit Area Code (e.g 720, 614, etc.) → Choose the Number You Want → Save.

NOTE: Some area codes no longer have numbers available. You will need to select a different area code.

Part 3: Setup your Inbound call forwarding

Step 1: Settings → Team Management → Select User → Call & Voicemail Settings → Select Twilio Number

Step 2: Assign all new contacts to said user. This can be done either manually or using a Trigger.

Step 3: Ensure that in both Phone Number settings and User Settings that call timeout is less than 60 seconds. If you are also assigning a voicemail to the Twilio number, the call timeout will need to be less than 20 seconds.

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