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​How To Troubleshoot When Your Call Event Is Not Working
​How To Troubleshoot When Your Call Event Is Not Working
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In this article, you will learn how to troubleshoot your ‘Call Event’ when it is not working. A ‘Call Event’ is just one of many ‘Events’ that you can create inside a campaign. You can add yourself as a user to test that the event is running properly.

Part 1: Creating a test using your own mobile number

Step 1: Go to Contacts → Contact → Add Contact → Fill out the form with your information → Save. See GIF

Part 2: Create a ‘Call Event’ Campaign

Step 1: Create or Click an existing Campaign → Add Event → Call Event → Save Published → See GIF

Part 3: Adding yourself to the Campaign

Step 1: Go back to Contacts → Find your name → Scroll down → Add to Campaign → Select the Campaign → Save. See GIF

Note: Go check it for yourself. If you received the call, the problem might be with your Lead, but in case you haven’t received your test call, you can check your Twilio account.

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