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How To Redirect Domains (from www to non-www) - Google Domains
How To Redirect Domains (from www to non-www) - Google Domains
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This article will walk through how to redirect domains from the www. version to non-www. version. In this example, we'll be using Google Domains, but you can follow a similar process with other DNS hosts. NOTE: You will still need to configure BOTH the www and non www versions in your account.

Part 1: Setting Up the Domain

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Domains > Add New Domain.

Step 2: Add the non-www version of the domain, such as

Step 3: The pop-up window in your system will tell you what IP address the A-record OR CNAME record needs to point to (don't use both and we recommend using the CNAME).

Step 4: In a new web browser tab, navigate to your DNS host. For our example, we are using Google Domains.

Step 5: Navigate back to the system browser, and click the pencil icon. Choose the first page of your website/funnel. Click Save.

Part 2: Setting up the Sub-domain Forwarding

Step 1: Set up the subdomain forwarding to redirect www.thedemoaccount,com to the non-www. version.

Step 2: Establish a permanent redirect and forwarding path, and enable the SSL. This will mean that any www.thedemoaccount,com/calendar or www.thedemoaccount,com/blog will also redirect to the non-www version.

Step 3: Be sure to save your changes. Click "Add" (In Google Domains) or "Save", etc. in other platforms.

Part 3: Testing the Sub-domain Forwarding

Step 1: Open a new web browser tab, and test the www. link to ensure it redirects in the way you just setup.

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