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​How to Edit User Information and Permissions
​How to Edit User Information and Permissions
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User permission allows you to grant access or restrict certain capabilities from different team members.

Part 1: User Permissions

Step 1: Navigate to Settings → Team Management → Choose the User you want to edit (information or permissions) → Edit

Step 2: To update basic User Info such as name, email, phone number, password, email signature, calendar assignment drop down the User Info and make your changes.

Step 3: To update User Permissions, drop down User Permissions and toggle on/off which settings you would like to update.

Step 4: To update User Roles, drop down User Roles and change the user to an admin or a user. If you are only user, you will not be able to make changes through this option.

Step 5: To assign/edit an outbound number assignment or to add in a voicemail recording, drop down Call and Voicemail Settings.

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