Quick Shortcuts

  • Quick Shortcuts is the main function of the Refundo Dashboard. These shortcuts are located on the left-hand side once logged into the Dashboard.
  • The Apps tab is where the ERO goes to create a bank application and loan applications for their taxpayers
  • In the Audit Pros tab, the ERO can find all bank app clients that have purchased audit assistance
  • The checks tab will be where the ERO goes to see if checks are ready and they can print them from here as well
  • The Offices tab allows EROs with multiple locations to manage all of their offices
  • The Payments tab allows you to process credit/debit card payments from your clients
  • The Reports tab is where the ERO can get a summary of their business
  • Supplies Tab is where to go to order marketing supplies and checks
  • In the Support tab you'll find general functions and frequently asked questions of how to use the dashboard
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