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Our support articles answer common questions for tax professionals. From refund transfers to ordering supplies, we want to make sure you have all the information you need.

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Your Fees Could Be DelayedIn order to fight identity theft and fraud, the IRS may require additional information as part of the Taxpayer Protection Program.
Why do I only see a $500 NOW advance option?For disclosure purposes, your tax software only displays the $500 NOW advance option, but your clients are eligible for up to $5,500
Do I need an EFIN to offer Refund TransfersIn order to offer refund transfers, tax professionals need to have an Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) and get IRS approval.
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)Two-factor authentication is an additional security layer for your business. It helps address the vulnerabilities of a standard password.
Banks Refundo is partnered withRefundo check cashing
Pre-season advances for EROsRefundo offers pre-season advance loans to help tax professionals acquire the tools they need to be successful during tax season.
What does 'TCS TREAS' mean?If your client's refund is less than expected and you see a coinciding TCS TREAS 449 offset, this means the taxpayer may have owed a debt.
TaxSlayer User GuideThis TaxSlayer user guide will give you an overview on how to use Refundo with your TaxSlayer Pro Software along with best practices.
How do I order suppliesTax professionals can order supplies right within the Refundo Dashboard. Click the supplies tab on the left hand menu to start ordering!
Where do I access the compliance test?You can locate the compliance test on the home screen within your 2019 Dashboard or by clicking the support tab on the left hand side.
Integrated tax software optionsRefundo is fully integrated with Drake, Crosslink, OLT, RushTax, and TaxSlayer for a seamless experience to support tax professionals.
PTIN Pay SetupHow to set up PTIN Pay
Fee Assist Program
Prior Year Enrollment Linksurl for prior years