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How to process credit card payments in your tax office
How to process credit card payments in your tax office

Refundo allows tax professionals to process credit card payments in their tax office. Follow the steps to start processing payments today!

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ERO'S can easily sign up to accept credit cards right within the Refundo Dashboard.

Refundo has partnered with Stripe to offer credit card processing services for our clients. With traditional credit card processing or merchant services, you are required to make monthly payments whether they use the service or not and they often have to rent or buy card reading hardware adding another unnecessary expense.

With Refundo and Stripe our clients only pay for what they use.

2.9%+$.30 per charge. No charge if the service is not used.

To activate this feature in the Dashboard go to "Payments" - 

Once inside Payments, click on "Get Started" -

Doing this will take you to a different website in a new window.

If you already have a Stripe account you can sign in and connect it to your Refundo account -

If you are new to Stripe, you can complete the form you see on that page. Notice that most of this form is pre-filled for your convenience.

Once you have completed this form, click the

button at the bottom of the screen.

Your Stripe account will be opened and you will be able to accept credit card within minutes.

To start accepting credit card payments, simply click on the "New Payment" button on the top right corner.

Enter the card information and payment amount.

Once you submit, you will be able to print a detailed receipt to provide to your client.

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