How To Print Taxpayer Forms

Generating the consent and disclosure forms are an important part of the bank app process, so we've outlined the steps to do it properly.

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Generating the Consent and Disclosure Forms:

This is an important part of the bank app process. Tax preparers must secure the taxpayer's consent to process the refund transfer and to create other financial products.

They secure that consent by getting signatures on the consent and disclosure documents created when a bank application is created and saved.

When the bank application is first created and saved, the C&D forms will automatically open in a new tab (Chrome).

After the bank app is created, the C&D forms can be opened by going to the Bank Applications screen

Type the taxpayer's SSN (with dashes) in the search box. Then choose the taxpayer's app by double-clicking on their name.

Choosing the taxpayers name will give you access to all of the client information and bank app details - including the Print Agreement button.

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