How To Create New Users

Tax Pros can create and manage users in the Dashboard very easily. Simply click the users tab on the left hand menu to get started.

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Creating and managing users in Refundo is easy. Log in to Refundo's Dashboard

Click on the "Users" tab from the left-hand menu

Click on the "New User" button

Clicking on New User will open the following form. Complete all of the required fields -

Choose the Role for your new user

If your new user is an Admin, they will have access to ALL functions, reports and other company and financial information in the Dashboard.

The Regular user can only access the bank apps they create unless you ENABLE access to these areas.

Once completed, click on "Create". An email will be sent to the new user with instructions on how to finish setting up the account.


Clicking on the users tab from the left-hand menu will also allow you to view and manage your current users.

From here you can reset your users password and view contact information.

If you double-click on a user, you will be able to edit their information including the ability to upgrade or downgrade their role.

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