Post Season Procedures

From document retention to unused check stock, here are some post season tips and best practices to ensure everything is in order.

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Printed Customer Checks

To ensure a smooth transition after the tax season please make sure that all checks are distributed to customers in a timely manner before the check stale dates.

On or before May 1, 2016 a review of the outstanding issued checks should be conducted. Every effort must be made to deliver checks that have not yet stale dated (60 days from the date of issuance) to the customer.

If you are unable to reach the customer, write void on the check and fax it to Refundo at 212-994-9633, place the original check in the customer’s file. Refundo will attempt to reach the customer so that a new check can be mailed to them.

Unused Check Stock

Please store your leftover check stock in a secure location until the following tax season. Refundo check stock can be used again the following year unless you select a different bank.

Document Retention

All customer RT files must be stored in a secure location for 60 months. Customer information should only be forwarded to Refundo upon the request from Refundo’s Legal or Compliance Departments.

If any person facilitating bank products in a tax filing office does not comply with this user guide’s instructions, Refundo may choose to stop permitting that office from facilitating any or all financial products that are referred to in this guide.

When using Refundo as your financial product solution, your software/transmitter partner may attempt to control how you run and operate your business. There are several ways that they may threaten how you operate. Each manner has been deemed by the IRS as Not Acceptable and Not Within IRS Compliance for e-Filing.

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