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Reports - Descriptions
Reports - Descriptions

Refundo's reports section provides detailed information regarding your office performance and how to best improve it throughout tax season.

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We’ve enhanced our reports section to give you better understanding of your office performance.


Find out detailed information about all of your existing clients with bank apps. You can customize it by date and categorize it by status (Funded/Pending).


Build custom reports based on the data you’ve collected about your offices. This report is great for multi-location offices or service bureaus. Explore all your offices performance, compliance and status, view contact information, and much more.

Daily Deposit

This report is not only important because it shows your clients disbursement of federal and state, but it also breaks down your daily fees. Review this report on a daily basis to monitor all funding received from IRS or states.

Fee Deposit Detail

Monitor all your tax prep fees by date. View all deposit details including amount, bank account, deposit date, and trace number.

Vault Fees

Keep track of all of your vaulted fees. Provides details about the type of fee and date received as well as total amount of fees vaulted under your EFIN.


Review in detail all the valid checks that have been printed in your office. Find out total amount of checks and amount printed in any given date range.

Please note that all reports are available in both, PDF and CSV, but the CSV version generally provides a more in depth look

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