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Crosslink enrollment guide
Crosslink enrollment guide

Refundo's Crosslink enrollment guide shows you how to choose Refundo as your bank product provider for tax season.

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Login at

Please speak with your representative for your login ID and password.

To access and complete the ERO Bank Enrollment Application for your EFINs, you must be logged into your Customer Portal Site. Select "Tax Year 2016", then select "Office Management" from the tool bar and click on "ERO Enrollment".

Once logged into If this is a new EFIN click on the "Add EFIN" button, otherwise find your EFIN in the EFIN list by using the EFIN search and clicking "Edit EFIN/App" icon.

The Navigation Pane centralizes the ERO/Bank Enrollment records which allows you to navigate directly to any section of the ERO Enrollment by clicking the "Edit" button.

If you have used Crosslink before, you can automatically populate the data fields by clicking the "Copy from Saved Contacts" button and select the correct contact. If no contact exists for this EFIN, enter the required information.

Complete the Bank Deposit Information form. The information that is entered into these fields is there the tax return fees will be deposited.

Select Refundo from the drop-down list then click the "Create Bank Application" button.

Under EFIN Setup click the Office Information "Edit" button and enter the office information for this EFIN. To automatically populate fields, click the "Copy from Saved Contacts" button. Continue to go through the entire EFIN Setup list and make sure the Address Information, Prior Year Stats, and Fee Information forms are completed.

The security questions will need to be answered with a Yes or No using the drop-down list. By default some questions have been answered. Review the questions and make the necessary changes. Click the "Save" button to continue or click the "Cancel" button to return to the EFIN Management List.

Check the box that you have read and agree with the Terms and Conditions of Refundo Bank. Review the Owner Certification.

Click on the "Print" button to print and review the bank application prior to submitting. After all the information has been verified, click on the Submit Bank Application button to finish.

2. Login to our Dashboard

Once approved, we will send you an approval email that will instruct you to login to the Dashboard and complete the final steps.

3. Review

Upon registration, you will be asked to review our user guide and complete compliance requirements.

4. You're all set!

You are good to go! Please confirm that the information we have in our system is correct and check out all the additional products and services Refundo offers.

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