1. Contact OLT

Login at oltpro.com

Please speak with your representative for your login ID and password.

Go to Bank > Bank Enrollment for 2018TY. Select Use EFIN for 2018TY.

Select Enroll with Bank

Select Refundo > Save and Continue.

Continue through the enrollment screens and complete the required information.

Review the Summary Screen. At the bottom of the Summary Screen are options for transmitting enrollment, edit enrollment, or back to EFIN list.

To check enrollment status, go to > Bank > Bank Enrollment for 2018TY and select View Bank Status.

Once the enrollment is transmitted, the Approval Status will populate on the Summary Screen.

2. Login to our Dashboard 

Once approved, we will send you an approval email that will instruct you to login to the Dashboard and complete the final steps. 

3. Review 

Upon registration, you will be asked to review our user guide and complete compliance requirements. 

4. You're all set!

 You are good to go! Please confirm that the information we have in our system is correct and checkout all the additional products and services Refundo offers.

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