If your refund is less than expected or if you don't receive your refund at all, this mean that refund has been reduced to repay a debt collected through the Treasury Offset Program. This program is designed to collect delinquent debts that are owed to states and federal agencies. 

The Bureau of Fiscal Services will send your client a notice if there’s a refund offset. The offset notice will show:

  • Original refund amount

  • Your refund offset amount

  • Agency receiving the payment

  • Address and telephone number of the agency

If you didn’t get a notice, you’ll need to call:

  • Bureau of Fiscal Services at 800-304-3107

  • TDD at 866-297-0517

Contact the agency listed on the notice if:

  • You believe you don’t owe the debt.

  • You’re disputing the amount of money that has been taken from your refund.

Contact the IRS only if your original refund on the debt offset notice differs from the refund amount on your return.

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