Debit Card- Netspend

How does it work

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The Netspend debit card can be used as a disbursement method for regular refund payouts and the NOW advances for taxpayers who are approved for the loan.

You will enter the 17 digit account number located at the bottom of the fee disclosure sheet. Once activated by the taxpayer, this will be a temporary card they can use up to 120 days. Netspend will mail a permanent card to the taxpayer within 7-10 business days.

Also note that Netspend will have their own verification process and some clients may not be approved. Reasons can vary from having too many open Netspend accounts to not passing their address/ID verification. In a case like this we would flip the disbursement method to a check. You can opt to do direct deposit for the client which needs to be done before the bank application shows as funded.

Please ensure you provide the fee disclosure form to the taxpayer. 

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